Mike Rednour Bio (Louisville, KY)

Mike Rednour Louisville KYThe health and fitness area of interest was made known to Mike Rednour at a very fresh and young age. From the age of seven years old, he has started following this path and thrust into the world of martial arts and also participated in a myriad of competitive sports such as football, baseball and basketball.

As he matured and advanced through high school, Mike Rednour continued to play sports as well as his martial arts training. He has achieved his 1st Degree black belt upon reaching the still ripe age of 17.

This merit encouraged him to move forward and compete in the sunny Southern California for the World Series of Martial Arts, where he won his very first title in the Light Heavyweight division. Mike Rednour became the Black Belt Division’s Grand Champion.

Mike Rednour Biography

In spite of his exemplary performance in martial arts, it was only during his senior high school year that Mike Rednour finally decided to join the US army, as he enlisted himself back in the year 1986. He spent 4 years of his life as a cadet in selfless service, both in the country of Germany and other areas of Europe.

It was during this time of providing services arund Europe that Mike Rednour made the choice to train for the US Army Martial Arts Team, and continued until he ultimately got deployed in the year 1990-1991 for Operation Desert Storm.

When he returned and made it home from his overseas duties, Mike Rednour decided it was the right time for him to join the local college and again concentrate in his studies. This he pursued and while studying in college, he focused and gave all his attention towards excellence in the field of accounting and finance. He exerted great efforts to this which he deserved recognition for, and was awarded a post. He was appointed at a district wholesale brokerage firm as a securities stock broker.

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Mike Rednour & Entrepreneurship

Mike RednourAt this certain phase of his life and after a long time, Mike Rednour has chosen to learn the basic skills in the industry, and with astounding success, taking him only two years time within the zealous atmosphere to realize that he actually did not have what it takes to be hardworking for someone else’s sake as well as make someone else rich during the process.

While he was in this job, he acquired early and firsthand experience not only all about the company’s corporate organization but also by building personal and valuable relationships with highly influential clients.

In these personal relationships, Mike Rednour learnt that there was one chief way to amass wealth solely for himself in this country, and it was by building his own business. Through establishing his own business, Mike Rednour had the big opportunity to leverage his talents and time along with various individual efforts. With all these taken into consideration, Mike Rednour finally made the decision to venture into finding new ways to work for himself.

Mike Rednour & Early Businesses

After looking into each and every possibility and all ideas that are practical and attainable, in the year 1993, Mike Rednour jumped into the world of Excel Communications with the help of a longtime comrade.

The meeting has proved itself to bring about great benefits, and was definitely a life changing event to Mike Rednour. It marks the time in his life where has had managed to find and start his very own personal business. This he initiated as a home business and was when Mike Rednour primarily became a ground floor Independent Distributor.

Mike Rednour did not waste any time as soon as he launched the business. He did not sit about doing nothing and without lifting a finger as his own effort. He knew that it would not bring about benefits if he did this, and he had to work and be innovative as well as be creative. He learned everything he could as much as possible and as information is available about the trade, all tricks and strategies, and combined this knowledge with great efforts. He spent hundreds of hours reading books, undergoing trainings, joining and attending conferences and tapes.

Louisville Kentucky Mike RednourWith all the vast amounts of time and efforts exerted on absorbing information from books and understanding them to the best of his ability, whatever he has learnt from this, Mike Rednour has found a way to apply that knowledge in all the right places. His hard work, perseverance and determination surely paid off as Mike Rednour soon was regarded as one of the best, among the top National Training Directors of companies.

This outstanding achievement had Mike Rednour featured in the Upline magazine July/Aug 1996 issue. He was recognized as one of the industry’s Fastest Growing Income Earners. Mike Rednour earned this title given more than $500,000 income he has generated while he was just in his third year in the business.

The exposure and praise he has received through this magazine led to him getting more and more offers, numerous clients were wanting to do business with him on a monthly basis. Most offers were predominantly requests for Mike Rednour to impart his guidance and assistance and play a big role in the development of various companies. They wanted him to help build their foundation as an up and coming direct sales business and be surely successful. He had also received quite a number of offers to take part in training and motivating sales teams. His potential clients came not only from locals throughout the country but were located worldwide.

Mike Rednour Then & Now

Mike Rednour has helped thousands of people from all age groups, all over the globe within the past 5 years, involving people of any religion, race and coming from all walks of life.

Through his valuable services, he has significantly changed lives by showing people and educating them on tips about living a healthier and more fulfilled life. His experiences and travels from the previous years made Mike Rednour witness to health and wellness industries as they grew, along with the explosion of the beauty and skin care business.

All of these great achievements have brought Mike Rednour to ultimately decide to expand his own business further on the year 2015, including beauty among his various areas of specialization. This led to the birth of PowerHealth and Beauty in March of 2015.

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